The audio launch of the most awaited movie, Rowdy, has happened last night. During the launch, Ram Gopal Varma shared few things about his journey with Mohan Babu.

During his summer vacation, he went to his grandfather’s town and there, he saw a poster on which was the image of the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, Jayasudha. Right from that day, he fell in love with her, apparently. It was the movie ‘Sivaranjani’ where Mohan Babu co-starred with Jayasudha. In that movie, directed by Dasari Narayana Rao, Mohan Babu irritated Jayasudha in order to make her act well. And due to that, RGV hates Mohan Babu, he said funnily.

He owes an integral part of his success as a director to Dasari Narayana Rao. He says that he has seen the movie ‘Sivaranjani’ almost 7 times and by that, has learnt about different characterizations one can give to actors in a movie. Had there been no such movie, RGV couldn’t have directed so many hit pictures with deviating characters. Shockingly, RGV was able to convince Mohan Babu to act without his wig in order to try a completely different shade of his. And that decision turns out to be a critically good one, after watching Mohan Babu’s deadly look.