Bigg Boss- RGV - Ram Gopal Varma -teamFilmmaker Ram Gopal Varma of late more than his films keeps hitting headlines for his controversial statements. RGV has made interesting comments on the popular reality show Bigg Boss.

RGV is ready to enter the Bigg Boss house. However, the filmmaker has one condition and will only enter if that is fulfilled. Any guesses what it could be? Well, Satya director has often unabashedly expressed his love for women race. So the only condition for him to enter Bigg Boss house is to have women contests around him.

RGV is however critical that the women contestants should be chosen by him. If this condition is fulfilled, then one can see RGV cooped up in the house for three months. RGV made news for his latest interview with anchor Ariyana.

When asked about his relationship with the anchor, RGV in a jest said that there is nothing brewing between the duo. He added that can’t stick to one woman as he loves women race and considers all equally. Work-wise, his film D Company got released on Spark OTT. His film Disha Encounter is still having legal issues for release.