Ram Gopal Varma and Puri Jagannath are the directors who are in good books of each other. Keeping touch with each other, exchanging comments and compliments are very common between them. At present, exchange offer of heroines seems to be the order of the day for the two directors. Coming to the point, RGV is making the sequel for his latest released film ‘ Ice Cream’. He has chosen Naveena to play the heroine who he found to be very hot and happening. Recently, RGV’s good friend Puri visited the sets of the film and was quite impressed by Naveena’s looks and acting.

As per the insiders’ talk, he is probably going to rope Naveena to play second fiddle in his next project with junior NTR. Beautiful Kajalgarwal is playing the main heroine. Earlier RGV suggested his ‘Rowdy’ heroine Shanvi Srivastava’s name and even showed some video footage of the actress to Puri. As Puri responded favourably, cine folks guessed that Shanvi might turn lucky. Nay. Nevertheless, it seems any fresh face chosen by RGV, might probably get a chance in Puri’s film even.