RGV - Ram Gopal Varma-Perni NaniYSR Congress-affiliated media is feeling suffocated by RGV’s onslaught against the Government on Ticket prices issue. They have been trying to scare the industry saying ‘Government has Cinematography Act on its side. You need to solve the issues amicably but not question the rights’.

The media says that the Government is equipped to decide the prices of film tickets using the Cinematography Act. Yes, that is really true! But then, the constitution itself is amended many times for the convenience of the time and the people. We have seen the courts and parliament repealing many acts terming them as outdated.

We have seen how the agitation of farmers has forced Prime Minister Narendra Modi to withdraw the farm laws. We have seen the Supreme Court strike down Section 66-A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 to prevent arrests for social media posts. There should be a debate on why the power given to the government is irrelevant in today’s times where supply and demand will decide the prices.

The YCP media questions why this ruckus of RGV is in media rather than in courts. Open debates like this would seal the Government’s chances of manipulating the issue in the name of the poor. Probably, the questions of RGV are getting uncomfortable!

They are trying to scare the industry to prevent RGV somehow. But then, the same industry could not stop RGV when he made a politically-motivated film like Lakshmi’s NTR and will have very little control on him now as well.