Nagarjuna Akkineni - RGVAndhra Pradesh Ticket Prices issue has become serious in the last 3-4 days. Ram Gopal Varma shouldered the issue and has been debunking every propaganda of the YSR Congress with strong logic. But then, YSR Congress affiliated media got upper hand all of sudden on Wednesday.

Even though RGV is logically fighting the issue, everyone is doubtful about his fickle-mindedness and it has happened. All of sudden, Ram Gopal Varma bowed out the bout.

All of sudden, Ramu posted on twitter- “To all concerned , since there is a favorable response from the honorable cinematography minister @perni_nani..I wish to put this needless controversy to an end”.

Later in the evening, Nagarjuna made a terrible mess saying that it is a political issue and he has no problem with it. After Nagarjuna’s statement, YCP media suddenly started its propaganda. They started saying Ram Gopal Varma is convinced by the Government’s stand.

And then, they say if a Top hero like Nagarjuna has no problems with Ticket Prices, no one should have. The industry is left high and dry and is now at the mercy of the courts now.