ram gopal varma tweetRam Gopal Varma’s name has got commonly associated with the social world and especially with the twitter world. From politics, cinema, spiritualism to various issues in the society, RGV posted controversial tweets instigating the sentiments of various sections of people. However on the occasion of ‘Women’s Day’, RGV seemed a bit different.

His tweets on the rapist mindsets and especially on lawyer ML.Sharma for his statement on the documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ are winning women’s hearts. He gave a call to women to march to ML.Sharma’s and his likes and thrash them for their outrageous remarks on women.

He adds that ML Sharma looks more dangerous than the rapists themselves. True. There is a lot of uproar on the ban of the documentary in India and RGV comes in support of those who want everyone to watch the documentary to be aware of the puny mindsets that are spreading poison by spreading their degrading statements.