Ram Gopal VarmaRam Gopal Varma lost his credibility as a filmmaker long back after a spate of disastrous and irrelevant films. But on social media, he had some following due to his crazy philosophy. People used to like his posts and share them in a big way. But all that is also gone now.

Previously also, he used to take digs at celebs and political parties, but still, netizens used to like his posts because he used to maintain a balance. It seemed like he never targeted a single party alone with some agenda. People used to enjoy his posts with a pinch of salt.

But of late, he has completely exposed himself by solely targeting Telugu Desam Party, Chandrababu Naidu, Lokesh, and Pawan Kalyan. It is clear to everyone now that RGV is running paid propaganda sponsored by the YSR congress party against everyone who opposes YS Jagan. He has revealed that he is no more neutral and has a ‘special’ affiliation with YSR Congress Party.

So people have distanced themselves from him and his posts on social media. Ram Gopal Varma’s reach on social media is almost dead now as people have discovered his true colors.

Social media reach was the only positive thing about RGV after his collapse at filmmaking. But that is also gone now due to his behavior as a TDP troll who is on a YSRCP payroll.