VEERAPPAN trailer reaction review by Jaby & AlysonMany foreigners don’t know who Veerappan was like we Indians know about him and the cruelty he bestowed upon elephants and people who came in his way. Here is the reaction of two foreigners while watching the trailer of Veerappan.

The duo seem to be devastated to read the extent of brutality in the actions of Veerappan. At the end of the trailer, Jaby and Alyson are seen wondering if the film maker is glorifying the brutality of Veerappan or sensationalizing his deeds. They don’t seem to be approving.

RGV posted their response and wondered to see the reactions of people who don’t know Veerappan. The way they reacted shows they indeed knew nothing. If RGV is glorifying Veerappan, then who did the Hollywood makers glorify when they made Godfather?