Shakalak shankar Wrong Gopal VarmaThe title ‘Wrong Gopal Varma’ says it all that it’s a satirical take on Ram Gopal Varma and his controversial posts that clearly show how he is a true maverick. But, the movie also says that RGV’s name is always a selling point.

The movie is totally mockery about Ram Gopal Varma targeting him big time. But, RGV isn’t a person who is going to be victimised and the film also didn’t target him in an abusive manner by taking the analytic route.

Shakalaka Shankar played the title role and he is the apt choice as he lived the role and caught the antics of the director imparting authenticity to the character he essayed.

Though it’s a movie meant to criticize the director and his bold and controversial language and attitude, it didn’t resort to an illogical manner of criticism. Though the criticism seems not very illogical, it must be agreed that RGV reasoning is always impeccable.