RGV-Knows,-Now-or-Never-for-Lakshmi's-NTRRGV certainly knows what would happen to his film ‘Lakshmi’s NTR” if it doesn’t come to the theatres before the elections happen. If the film doesn’t get a theatrical release now, there wouldn’t be any use at all. The cast of the film are totally unknown faces and even the political intentions behind the project will go totally astray.

That’s the reason why RGV is trying every method to see that his film releases before the elections happen. It’s a known thing by now that Censor Board of Film Certification had advised RGV to postpone the movie as the election code is active, at present. RGV alleged that the CBFC didn’t watch the movie and had no right to interfere in the process involving election commission as RGV is not related to any political party nor the producers are contesting as candidates for any political party.

So, he wants to knock on the door of the court of law so that he can release the movie before elections. The desperation behind this movie is obvious as it is now or never for ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’. There wouldn’t be any curiosity to watch the film after the elections. He knows it and isn’t that the reason why RGV is desperately attacking the CBFC for asking to postpone to a later date?