RGV knows inside out of crime world - Puri

Puri Jagannadh, one of RGV’s successful proteges, is in awe of his master. He says RGV has better idea of the crime world than the police department of the country. He knows the inside out of the crime world in our country, says Puri. Jokingly, Puri says that RGV must have introduced underworld to Mumbai.

Puri said that RGV has so much knowledge about the underworld and crime, he recently gave a lecture at a police academy for IPS officers. He also said that RGV hardly makes any money nowadays, but still he is being targeted by IT sleuths.

How can someone who is finding it difficult to make films can forego paying service tax. We are his disciples and we are paying crores in taxes. I wish the governments asks from us instead of asking from him, said Puri.