RGV is the most selfless film technician!

Film industry is full of Selfishness and insecurities. Nobody helps other here fearing of back lash or competition whatever. Very rarely do you see directors encouraging their associates who makes their debuts. But Ram Gopal Varma seem to be different. He always helps his associates for their first movies and let them use his name to gain some popularity and initial buzz. There are many instances where he even produced movies on his own banner for his associate.

Recently, he is promoting Dalam, the directorial debut of his former associate, Jeevan Reddy. He tweeted about Dalam and its trailer creating some buzz for the movie. The movie is based on Naxalism in Andhra Pradesh and is lying in cans for several months. The makers are releasing it on August 15th as all the big films are postponed due to United AP agitation.