Ram Gopal Verma recently released his sensational film The Attacks of 26/11 based on the brutal incident of 26/11. Although the film failed to generate the response expected, RGV seems to be happy with his effort. If he is to be believed, he takes a lot of pride on having made a film on a national issue. His legwork included speaking to a lot of people counting eyewitnesses and families of the victims. Even though there were incredible stories to hear, sadly, he could not incorporate it all in the narrative of the film.

Talking further about his media reception, RGV said that he is very busy thinking and saying things about myself and other people that he doesn’t even notice it. When asked on his activities pursued in his free time, RGV admitted that he is fond of Chinese and Korean movies. When asked about his fight with Karan Johar he says he never made any nasty comments on him but RGV admits that he cranked some funny jokes on him not with the intention to hurt him.