RGV impresses with sentimentality
Rowdy is different. It is something which the audience would not expect in RGV’s films says the producers. Though the director punched lots of action and drama in the film, we admired the sentimental scenes between Collection king Mohan Babu and ‘Sahaja Nati’ Jayasudha.

It is for the first time after many years the hit movie pair Mohan Babu and Jayasudha return to the big screen and obviously it was an arduous task for RGV to ensure that their chemistry that once fluttered the hearts of movie goers many years ago is captured well all over again with much more intensity.

We never expected Ram Gopal Varma to add this element with such vigor. He surprised not only me but also the lead stars, with his neat direction of their sentimental sequences Vishnu said. In a mutual admiration mode, the genius actor Mohan Babu commended the director going to the extend that after ‘Pedarayudhu’ and ‘Ralayaseema Ramanna Chowdary’ this is the film which he relates to in terms of the relationship between a Husband and Wife.