RGV files criminal case on censor board officer

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma will reportedly file a criminal case on censor board member Dhana Lakshmi in Nampally court, Hyderabad. The criminal case is related to Satya 2 and charges include harassment, financial loss, overstepping the authority and using abusive language.

Given the unpredictable nature of Ram Gopal Varma and the cynic we become when it comes to RGV, all this could be done to have publicity for the film but whether or not this is for publicity many in the industry would be siding with RGV in this issue for sure. Dhana Lakshmi the respected member of the censor for Telugu cinema has been in bad books of Telugu cinema producers for a long time and her nature has been an open secret. If one would take a moment to think, many incidents related to censor would come to our mind and most of those has a thing or two to do with her. So let’s see how far RGV goes with this issue and what repercussions it has on Dhana Lakshmi’s future.