RGV fails to understand ISM

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma has once again come out in open to criticize Pawan Kalyan. This time the director also known for his intellectualism has criticized the ideology book of Jana Sena called ISM. He said even the writers who wrote it could not understand it then how can a layman understand it. The director hoped that a simplified version of the book is released so that everyone can understand it.

The director has been on a U-turn after praising the actor and his political avatar in the beginning. This happened ever since the actor has vocally supported Narendra Modi. From then on the director has been criticizing the actor for one reason or the other. However he hasn’t been alone in this regard and many others too have been open with their criticism.

Coming to the book, ISM, if someone like Ram Gopal Varma can not understand it, one has to be a little skeptical about it then. The director clearly has a great grip on various philosophies and understandings which can be known from some of his write ups in the past. If such a person fails to understand ISM then surely it could be way over the top for a common man. Interestingly though ISM books haven’t still hit the market and are available to only a selected few in the media circles.

May be this could be another one of those practical jokes from Ram Gopal Varma, but we can only know that if we have actually read the book. One hopes that the book hits the markets sooner rather than later. This is where we would like to ask you a simple question – are you interested in reading the book? Is this long gap killing the little interest people had on the book and these kinds of comments randomly positively or negatively, are made so that ISM is still discussed in public. What do you think? Share us your thoughts.