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RGV Doesn’t Insult Pawan? – Chiru Laughs!

RGV Doesn't Insult Pawan Kalyan? - Chiranjeevi Laughs!According to Chiranjeevi’s opinion, Ram Gopal Varma has this habit of praising others and criticizing others. He needs to consult a psychiatrist for this kind of attitude of always criticizing one individual whenever he wants to praise another individual.

Chiranjeevi laughs at RGV’s criticism. Whenever he wants to praise Pawan Kalyan, RGV starts criticizing Chiranjeevi. “RGV doesn’t insult Pawan?” Chiru laughs at the way the maverick director employs this kind of strategy to instigate others.

His advice to RGV is to use his intellectual and genius to give great films to the industry rather than concentrating on petty fights and criticism that doesn’t suit his stature. At times, RGV doesn’t spare Pawan Kalyan even. The megastar accepts that RGV is a genius but isn’t putting his strengths to proper use.