Ram-Gopal-VarmaWe thought RGV is one of the best directors we have all this time but this crazy guy turned into something else! He is turning into the best comedian now with his comedy dance that might be fatal to your eyes and brain. Oh, sweet lord! That is hilarious.

After the video of his dance at the pre-release event went viral, another one of the directors is making people ROFL. We thought he was showing his terrible dance moves first to create some buzz around his backed film, Beautiful, but looks like the man has mistaken the reaction of public and is continuing to do that, torturing the viewers with his so-called romantica.

The poor girl was scared to death as he suddenly pulled her over and tried to dance. She then managed to get along anyway. Now, this video is going viral again with heavy trolling flooding the internet. They think RGV is going beat KA Paul this time as the comedian if YouTube. What say?