Rey makes way for Yevadu

Release of Rey that will mark the debut of Sai Dharam Tej nephew of Chiranjeevi has been postponed from Sankranthi to February says the director cum producer of the film YVS Chowdhary. According to him the film is finally and everything was set for a grand release for Sankranthi festival. Even an audio launch of the film was planned in the first week of December with Pawan Kalyan as guest.

However with Yevadu getting moved to Sankranthi from its December 19 release date, the director had no choice but to postpone the film as a clash would mean one film loosing heavy due to split in the fans. The most likely to lose obviously will be Rey as it stars a newcomer. So in order to get the undivided attention from the fans Rey has been moved to February. It has been currently positioned as a February 2nd release but the final date of release would depend on the availability of the theaters at that point of time.