Chandra Sekhar Yeleti on ReviewersTalk on reviews and reviewers has always been a point of discussion whenever a new movie gets mixed reviews and talk from the audiences. Director Chandrasekhar Yeleti’s latest release ‘Check’ opened to mixed talk from all over, both critics and audiences.

‘Check’ disappointed big time and we can see the same reflecting on the box-office result of the film. Talking about reviews in the latest promotional interview of ‘Check’, character artist Harshavardhan said that the audience should have the choice to form their own opinion, but not based on reviews.

The director of the movie shared his Gmail ID publicly with audiences and asked them to share their views. Once, the verdict is out it’s hard to change the perception of the audience though the director may feel that reviews can’t be general opinion as one person won’t know everything about anything.

This dialogue about the credibility of reviews has always been there and it will be there, hereafter. The only thing that matters is the verdict of the audiences. Concept-based films are working big time post-COVID lockdown and we can’t blame it on the audiences, this time. What say?