reverse-sweep-the-great-indian-kitchens-remake-for-theatrical--releaseIn a one of its kind of development, a critically acclaimed OTT film’s remake rights are taken. It will get made in Telugu and Tamil and will have a theatrical release.

The film in question is the Malayalam movie, The Great Indian Kitchen. It released digitally earlier in the year and won extraordinary critical praise. It crossed boundaries and reached many outside the Malayalam language due to its universal identifiable appeal.

Tamil filmmaker R Kannan has taken the onus on him to remake The Great Indian Kitchen. It will be made in Tamil and Telugu simultaneously. Local stars or known faces from the respective industry will be part of the remake.

The Great Indian Kitchen is a slow-paced realistic tale about a newly married woman’s chores in her new home after marriage. How seemingly simple and overlooked things from a patriarchal mindset are an increasing burden and stifling her forms the crux of the plot.

It will be interesting to see who gets to be part of the remake. The original has become a cult movie among OTT audience, even though the number is small.

It is also a unique happening that a digital film is remade for a theatrical release. Usually, the opposite happens. One is hearing the same for Drushyam 2 remake in Telugu, but it is yet to get official confirmation.