For those who are in the dark, Sandeep Kishan was the main lead in the box office hit Venkatadri Express. He has also played some important roles in films like Prasthanam, Gundello Godari etc and got a good reputation as an actor. However with the stupendous success of his last release as a solo actor, Venkatadri Express, he is looking at establishing himself as a star.

The first thing that concerns him to get the desired result as a star seems to be his screen presence. The actor feels that he is lacking in that department despite having a very good height. It is due to his lanky frame, he feels and is therefore reportedly working hard to put on some weight and adding muscles to his body. He says that, he is not looking at attaining six-pack body, but just wants to gain mass to look better for his height and also improve his screen presence as a result. He is working out rigorously currently to achieve the said look. Sandeep Kishan will be seen soon in the film Ra Ra Krishnayya.