Resting Allu Arjun Ahead Than In-form Ram CharanOramex is one of India’s specialized media consulting firms which pioneers in tracking, testing and forecasting analytics for TV, films and OTT. Most of the Bollywood people follow this firm quite closely to understand what is going on in showbizz.

Oramex has now released the most popular Telugu male stars in the country for the month of March, 2022. Prabhas tops the list and Allu Arjun is in second place whereas Ram Charan is in sixth place.

Seeing this, fans of Bunny are quite happy and passing comments that in spite of being in form and giving the biggest hit with RRR, Ram Charan still stands in the sixth place whereas Bunny is in the second even after several months of Pushpa’s release.

Both Ram Charan and Allu Arjun are big stars now in the country and have a good following. But popularity wise, Allu Arjun has a slight edge as of now and the fans cannot stop raving about it.