nartanasala-Naga- ShauryaBy the virtue of the teaser and the popular old film title, ‘@Natanasala’ might be banking on the gay comedy and there is no second opinion on the fact that there is a big potential for comedy in the movie. Adding weight to our opinion, Naga Shourya said that ‘the gay thing’ is the key to the film.

The young hero thinks that this movie will increase respect for gays in our society. That doesn’t mean it’s satirical or critical about the gay community clarified Naga Shourya when talking if he is playing a gay in ‘@Nartanasala’. In the old film ‘Nartanasala‘ starring the legendary NTR, the legend played a gay role, Bruhannala, a dance teacher.

Even in the teaser, we can see Naga Shourya teaching dance to young girls in a dance academy and showing his aversion towards them when they try to come to his proximity. Films that banked on gay comedy had made it too mundane dealing the subject with the same boring comical touch. Hope, there is something different in Naga Shourya’s movie. This movie, like ‘Chalo’, is being produced by his parents who he thinks are his pillar of support.