Republic Movie Director Deva Katta Expected Superb ReviewsSai Dharam Tej’s Republic has released the other day. The movie was appreciated for its honest intentions but reviews and audience have flagged the film for its poor execution.

But then, Director Deva Katta has blamed the Reviews and accused them of ill intentions.

“The Reviews which were supposed to arrive at 3 PM have been written two days before to publish them at 2 PM. They have become comedy and are getting choked.

The review writers have made themselves naked. Their credibility is damaged. They seems to be confused,” Deva Katta said in an interview.

He also went on to say that critics did not even rightly judge his Prasthanam as well.

“They just wrote some number against it,” Deva Katta said. This is a real surprise because Prasthanam is what it is today because it was promoted very much by critics and then, it had become popular with the general audience.

Deva Katta is usually a sensible director. But then, directors often are too obsessed with their film’s content and in the process tends to miss the reality. Time will tell you is right and who is wrong – Deva Katta or the Reviewers.