Telugu Actress - HemaA few days back, a rave party in the famous pub of Hyderabad was busted and several big names from the film world came out. One of them was the controversial actress Hema.

When asked about the same, Hema clarifies in an YouTube interview saying that all this confusion has been created by a senior crime reporter works for a popular Tv channel. Hema further adds that when she saw her name scrolling in a noted TV channel, she called up the journalist to clarify.

When the so-called senior most crime reporter said he got her name through his sources, she forced him to come to the police station and clarify things.

When she landed at the station to clarify her name, the reporter failed to confirm his name on phone and also absconded from the station, hiding his identity, says Hema.

How come people who are in responsible posts do something like this and just for the sake of TRP bring out some famous names without any proof? asks Hema. Of-course this is one side of the story.