Renu Desai Remembers Ex-Husband Pawan Kalyan-It has been quite a while Renu Desai had been in the news after the last controversy when she announced that she was getting a new husband though Pawan Kalyan fans can keep adressing her ‘Vadina’. Once again, Pawan’s ex-wife is back remembering her ex-husband.

She shared a throwback picture of herself remembering the days when she was working as the production designer and also acting the heroine in ‘Jhonny’. She shared about her dual role and remisced how the experience has made her strong enough to face the difficulties in her real life.

It was fine upto that part. But, though Pawan Kalyan is not so conspicuous in the pic, she mentioned him particularly in her post so that they don’t keep wondering searching for Pawan Kalyan in the pic. Is she trying to pacify fans? Why mention him when she had cleared the airs disclosing his alleged deceit?

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. I was initially only the production designer for Johnny and just 2 weeks before shoot, I was casted as the heroine. My first reaction was a strict No for acting to Kalyan garu because i was not interested in acting, as my heart lay in the behind the camera technical stuff. And also, it would have been a crazy task to be the heroine and the production designer at the age of 21 only. But Kalyan garu convinced me eventually and I ended up working almost 16-17 hours everyday for more than 7 months. This one experience made me super strong and resilient emotionally. I used to come to the set as a Production designer, check everything is in order and then go to the make up room to become the heroine. . When life throws a challenge at you, don’t shy away. Take it head on and see your self growing professionally and personally too. . Behind me is Shyam dada(DOP) discussing the shot with Kalyan garu.

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