Lately Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai is under lot of scanning for mentioning the name of Pawan Kalyan again and again. Some even started spreading that she is using Pawan big way to promote her upcoming directorial venture ‘Ishq Wala Love’. A lot is written about her and she using Pawan Kalyan for promotions. Seems finally, the otherwise cool and composed lady got irritated and thereafter gave a tit for tat like reply to all her detractors.

Renu tweeted her angst like this: ‘This is for the smart people who think I am using Pawan Kalyan’s name to get famous …I produced a hit film last year without any help or support frm anyone…for which Kalyan garu is very proud of me:-)…I have also been a famous actress & model before…so pl rest your over active brains and use that same energy for social work…:-) have a happy sun filled Sunday everyone’. Renu’s tweet shows that she is irritated big way for being under the scanner and criticism.