Renu-DesaiPawan Kalyan fans get nasty on whoever speaks against him. They don’t care even if it is their “Vadina” for that matter. In the last week’s interview with TV9 Swapna, Renu revealed that Pawan Kalyan had a child secretly while he was still married to her for 11 years.

And back in the interview with ABN Radha Krishna in 2017, she said that she called PK and wished him for the newborn child when she knew about that. Now, connecting these two, trolls called her liar on the social media that baby Polina was born after the divorce and Renu lied about PK having a secret child before they were separated.

Trolls quoted that the divorce happened in 2011 and the baby was born in 2013, hence proving that Renu bluffed the whole thing. Busting the allegations, Renu Desai clarified on her Facebook handle that Baby Polina was born on 13th March 2012. That means the other lady got pregnant in 2011 that is before the divorce was issued which is on 16 March 2012. That makes clear of what she said in both the interviews that she didn’t know about the child till she was born and that happened before they were separated. It is hard to accept, but facts are facts. Hope people understand that.