Renu Desai, officially confirmed as divorced by Pawan Kalyan, is now an independent women and living her life on her own terms without carrying any baggage of pressure or expectations. The actress has turned producer and even produced a critically acclaimed film recently. However despite all the positivity and happiness in her life she has a glitch in her life.

The glitch is her connection with Pawan Kalyan. Ex or not, the actress is still perceived by a large section as wife of Pawan Kalyan. And since the actor has a huge following she gets lots of personal messages on the page of social networking site that she is part off. Renu Desai is fed up with all the personal messages she gets from fans of Pawan Kalyan and couldn’t hold it back and gave her piece to mind to them. She asked the fans to grow up and said that even celebrities are human being with real emotions and they too get hurt and offended.

In the past too few such instances were recounted by fans of the star when they met at the actress randomly at places. She wouldn’t want the fans of Pawan Kalyan meet her at the most unexpected times and went on to comment on their stalking nature. Well we get that the ex wife of Pawan Kalyan wants a free and completely independent life without any sort of fan presence, one hopes that the fans too understand the same. Should she react in that way at fans? Do you think it’s right on fans part to stalk her to the point of bursting out that way? Shouldn’t she be just left to live her own life the way she wants now that she has nothing to do with Pawan Kalyan? What do you think? Share us your thoughts.