Remake Specialist with Ravi Teja?

It seems that director Bhimaneni Srinivas Rao, who specializes in remakes and has earlier been known to direct Ravi Teja-starrer Dongodu which was made off an earlier version of Malayalam film Meesa Madhavanis now ready to once again go into the director mode for the actor’s next film. However, unlike what seems to be the trend, the film seems to have a new script. Indeed a source close to the director has confirmed that this new film with Ravi Teja has an original script.

He said that Teja was very impressed when he was narrated the script by Bhimaneni and excitedly agreed to work for the director for a second time. On the other hand, even though Bhimaneni is planning on doing the remake of Sundarapandian, it will likely star another actor and the official announcement will be made shortly.