Nayagi, Nayagi Release, Nayagi Movie Release Date, Trisha Nayagi Movie Release Date, Trisha Krishnan Nayagi Movie Release Date, Nayagi Movie Release Date Sept 16When this film was launched, it was said to be a bilingual in Telugu and Tamil, meaning a simultaneous release in both languages. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen for the film and it turned out to be a disaster in Telugu.

The film we are talking about here is Nayaki starring Trisha and the director Govi is furious in the way the film got released and the way it was promoted before release. Govi feels the film came unannounced as there was a slot available to release and blames producer Giridhar for the whole fiasco.

The Tamil version will have lots of changes and it will be a satisfying watch promises the director. Nayaki hits the cinemas in Tamil this Friday.