Vijay-Deverakonda-Goutham-TinnanuriIt is not uncommon for Telugu heroes to pick the scripts that are rejected by other stars. But there’s one hero who is overdoing it and it is Vijay Deverakonda.

Incidentally, Vijay’s Liger with Puri Jagannadh was originally prepared for Allu Arjun and it was then done with the former. The film turned out to be a disaster and that is another matter.

Then there is Kushi. This script also wasn’t exclusively prepared for Vijay. Shiva Nirvana first prepared the script for Nani and it was then done with Vijay.

Now, there are reports that Vijay’s tentative project with Goutham Tinnanuri wasn’t the script that was designed with Vijay in mind. Goutham was previously confirmed to work with Ram Charan and he prepared this script for the latter. But he shelved the project and now rumors are rife that this script has been taken to Vijay.

However, this project isn’t confirmed for now and the project is still in the discussion stage. So, it is too early to draw any conclusions.

But from what we can see, Vijay is turning a go-to choice for rejected scripts. There are occasions of rejected scripts becoming blockbusters but Vijay shouldn’t be overdoing this.