avika gor comments in interviewPoor Girl! She said something to reiterate that she is interested to do character driven roles close to family audience. She wants to say that she doesn’t want to resort to skin show and isn’t the glamour type even. That was enough to exite critics and write stories on her.

She is none other than the teenage sensation Avika Gor of ‘Uyyaala Jampala’ fame, more famous as Anandi of ‘Chinnaari Pellukuturu’. Recently in an interview, this girl said, ” Audiences like to see me in a girl next door avatar. So, I’ll not do skin show even if it happens to be a Pawan’s or Amitabh’s movie.”

That was enough for people to describe that she has rejected even Pawan’s movie. Poor Avika even mentioned Amitabh Bachan’s name. No one has taken that clue. The only question to be answered is when Avika Gor wasn’t offered any role in Pawan’s movie, from where does the issue of rejecting Pawan’s movie come in? She gave examples of Pawan and Amitabh as a matter of fact. Poor Girl! Seems, she must learn the ways of cine world.