KGF---YashSo, it is now officially out from the mouth of the star. Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt was indeed approached for the massive blockbuster movie KGF. However, he has declined the offer. It isn’t a surprise, but the real surprise now would be if he rejects. Here’s why?

Kannada Star Yash has finally confirmed the speculation regarding approaching of Sanjay Dutt to star on KGF. While it was assumed by many that it was for the second part, the actor says that the initial offer was for KGF: Chapter 1. We can now guess why the Bollywood senior star might have rejected it. And going by Yash’s word, he too seems to understand why the decision was taken.

Now, the makers have again approached Sanjay Dutt and looking at the large reception, Chapter 1 has got, it would be foolish if Sanjay Dutt rejects the offer. It might appear routine for Dutt as he has been such roles very often in the past few years. That seems to be the only reason for him to say, if that happened to be the case, in the end.

KGF: Chapter 2 will likely commence shooting from the summer. However, the release is going to be only in 2020, according to the buzz in the unit. Prasanth Neel directs the epic action entertainer originally planned and executed in Kannada.