Regina-cassandreWho is the best dancer in Tollywood? Mega star Chiranjeevi. Who is the best dancer of the present generation? Mega hero Bunny. Who is the most promising hero in TFI? Mega rising star Sai Dharam Tej. Who is the best producer in T’wood? Of Course mega producer Allu Arvind.

Well, the above seems to be a scene from one of the episodes of super hit game show, Nag’s MEK. But it isn’t. This is the way mega heroine Regina Cassandra is answering for any question regarding films. Sometimes even out of context, the actress is seen going overboard praising the mega family heroes and film makers.

Being faithful and grateful to the family promoting her shouldn’t be an issue. But too much blabbering and overt praise results in the feeling that she is mastering the art of buttering. Once Kajal Agarwal had been doing the same when she was offered back to back offers by mega family. However, actresses who feel buttering helps must understand that the family is promoting them only because of their talent and captivating looks. After sometime, overt praise might not go well with them either.