Regina-Cassandra-Agrees-Watching-Adult-Movies-at-School-AgeNot all the actresses would have the guts to give a candid reply when asked if they ever watched an adult movie when still studying in school. But, Regina Cassandra has the guts to agree to that in a recent interview.

Agreeing is one thing and telling innocently, “It is common with most people, now.” Well, that’s a bold statement. Though there is truth in it, people would seldom agree watching porn, especially actresses. Don’t you think so?

Coming to her personal life, there were rumors making rounds that claim she was engaged to someone secretly and hence, in a hurry to give time to all her prior commitments. But, Regina is yet to respond on the engagement rumors.

Though the pretty talented actress has a couple of movies in other languages, she wasn’t seen in a Telugu movie after her stellar and intense performance in Nani’s ‘Awe’.