anupama parameswaran - Karthikeya 2Amidst rumours that Anupama Parameshwaran has opted out of ‘Kartikeya 2’, the director of the movie clarified about his heroine and also updated about his plans about the shooting schedules.

Anupama Parameshwaran is very much part of the movie and the rumours are false. Regarding the shooting, his original plan was to go to Cambodia, besides shooting in Gujarat, Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam.

Chandoo Mondeti, the director of the movie is ready to wait till he gets permission from Combodia government after international flights’ activities resume. He is even ready for a week of quarantine after the coronavirus tests.

So, rumours about the movie are busted, and the director is going to go as per his original plan with no change of his heroine for the sequel of Nikhil Siddharth’s ‘Karthikeya’.