director Surender Reddy-Ram-CharanNo, there is no change of plans and Surender Reddy is still fixed to direct the Thani Oruvan remake. So where does the Kick connection, arises from? It comes from the selection of Ileana as heroine.

Lets rewind the time a bit and go back to the days of Kick, we all know how huge the film was to Ileana at that point. It came exactly at a time when she was at her lowest phase and ruled out as a top league heroine. She bounced back big time as heroine after that film. She is now reportedly selected as heroine for the upcoming Thani Oruvan remake by directed by Surender Reddy and that’s how the Kick connection comes from.

Ileana hasn’t had a release in Telugu in years. Her last direct Telugu film came three years ago and was a disaster. One can even say she is forgotten by Telugu cinema audience. Will this selection give her another Kick?