RRR Movie USA Covid cases TheatersOmicron scare is gripping the world. On Monday, the United States has reported more than half a million new COVID-19 cases. This is worse than any other single day of the entire pandemic.

The country’s previous single-day record is around 303,000 cases in a day.

There is a panic everywhere in the industry if this will lead to the closure of theaters. Mirchi9.com reports the Ground level situation of what is happening in the U.S.

The United States is currently in the middle of the biggest holiday season of the year. People are on roads and there are massive crowds everywhere.

And then, with Omicron, the government has intensified the testing. Free tests are easily available everywhere.

The crowds and the high testing rates naturally bring a spike. “This is very much on cards,” we are told. While the cases are on a rise, what is happening with the Indian community there? is another interesting question.

“Indians are freely roaming these days. They are enjoying the holidays without any inhibitions. There is no panic. We are at the forefront in getting booster doses as well. There is no panic about the cases. Also Omicron is not causing serious problems and hospitalization. So, there is nothing to worry about,” a source told us.

It looks like we are all set for RRR rampage at the US Box Office on January 6th. Pre-sales are already a never seen scenario and Telugu folks in no mood to skip theaters

Regarding theaters – “Unlike India, the U.S. Government here will not go after the theaters. There is not even a sign of this so-far.

The government is in no mood of disrupting the economy. Forget about theaters closure. We do not see 50% occupancy as well in near future,” we are told.