Regarding the investigation of actress Jiah Khan’s suicide, the new facts that have turned up incriminates ex-boyfriend Suraj Pancholi, brother to Aditya Pancholi, who has now been taken in by Mumbai police for interrogation. This detainment was caused when the police discovered a six page letter from Jiah addressed to Suraj where she talks vividly about their tumultuous relationship.

The letter talks of torture and abuse, “… you constantly feel the pain of heartbreak when the person you love wants to abuse you or threatens o hit you or cheats on you telling other girls they are beautiful or throws you out of their house when you have no where to go and you’ve come to them out of love or when they lie to your face or they make you chase after them in their car. Or disrespects their family.”

Jiah also reveals that she had to abort their child.