Young Rebel Star Prabhas’ latest outing ‘Rebel’ is all set to release worldwide on September 28th. The movie was overshadowed by several controversies like the actress and music director walking out and delay in the production. But it was all different story when the movie business hit all time high in Prabhas’ career. Here is the SWOT analysis of the movie


The popularity of Prabhas had grown by leaps and bounds in all types of audience after delivering two hits in the form of Darling and Mr.Perfect

Even though, Lawerence’s movies are not dearer to Multiplex audience, they go well with the masses. Trailers suggest this movie is no different.

Tamannah had bagged immense popularity in recent times. Lawerence seem to have used her oomph and dances well in the movie. It will definitely help the movie


As said earlier, Lawerence movies do not go too well with the critics and A class audience. The reviews might even hamper the movie performance in overseas.

The audio of the movie had got very poor response from the audience so far. The director had to manage it with the visuals.

The movie length is 2 hours 56 minutes 15 seconds which may prove fatal.


With all the recent releases like LIB, Avunu getting subdued at the box office, the movie will have no competition till the release of Damarukam on October 11th.

Efforts are on to get the movie the biggest possible release for the movie. All the areas have already charted the biggest release in Prabhas career.

The publicity of the movie is reasonably good.


The biggest release of the movie might effect the movie seriously if the movie gets a divide talk.

The movie release date is not convincing as 29th is Vinayaka Nimajjanam and 30th is the Telangana March. If there is any untoward incidents in the Telangana March, there might be a bandh on October 1st. This will seriously hamper the movie openings.