Rebel Producers drag Lawerence to docks once again!

Few days ago, The producer of Rebel, J.Pulla Rao and Bhagwan have dragged Lawerence to Producers’ council. They complained that the irresponsibility and indiscipline of the director had made the movie schedules haywire and resulted in heavy losses for them. In turn Lawerence also complained that the makers promised to give him the remake and dubbing rights of the movie but did not keep their promise. Producers’ Council had decided that Lawerence should pay 2.5Crore compensation to the makers in a month. But even after 2 months, Lawerence did not oblige and now Rebel producers once again knocked the doors of Producers’ council to recover the amount. Insiders say that Producers’ council will now impose penalty on Lawerence or ban him from making movies in Telugu.

Lawerence is currently directing the third version of Muni series, Muni-3 with Taapsee playing the lead role. Bellamkonda Suresh is producing the movie under Sai Ganesh movies banner.