The audio launch of Young Rebel Star Prabhas’ upcoming movie ‘Rebel’ took place in Shilpa Kala Vedhika, Madhapur. This is one of the most awaited movie for a long long time as the movie was in production for quite a long time. Here are the highlights and sidelights of the function.

1. Huge crowd turned out for the function from all parts of the state. It is no exaggeration in saying this is the biggest crowd turnout for any audio function in recent times.
2. The event was attended by several bigwigs of industry like Dil Raju, Rajamouli, Bellamkonda Suresh, the movie unit and others
3. The dance performance by Russian belly dancers and Handicapped people stood out among all.
4. Prabhas had stood up and hugged Rajamouli as he arrived in. Both of them were seen hand in hand through out the event. As both of them are teaming for a new project, every one’s looks were fixed on them.
5. Tamannah’s glamour and oomph in the trailers screened got terrific response in the auditorium.
6. The applause for Brahmi’s entry is as good as any star hero. As usual he made the crowd laugh with his speech.
7. Rebel Star Krishnam Raju had unveiled the first audio CD and handed it over to Rajamouli