Reason for Hotstar & Aha Advancing Bheemla ReleaseBheemla Nayak is a film that ended as a decent fare at the box office. Now, the time has come for its OTT release. Aha and Hotstar have bagged the streaming rights of the film for a hefty price.

The film was supposed to be out on the 25th of this month but as the RRR fever will grip the Telugu states from Thursday night itself as big premiere shows are being planned, the streaming giants have changed their strategy at the last minute.

RRR’s release is much anticipated and everyone’s attention will be on the film and the other topic will be put aside. So, the the film will be out a day early on the 24th of this month. The fans can do their own Hungama and trend the film online.

Bheemla Nayak was directed by Sagar Chandra and produced by Sithara Entertainments. AHA has banked heavily on this film as they are expecting that their subscriptions will grow with this release. But as RRR was becoming an obstacle, they changed the date and are streaming the film one day before.