There is a particular sanskrit term for temporary renouncement ‘smashana vairagyam’. Be it the Tollywood celebrities or common man, in one’s life there would be many instances one would feel like renouncing material things but gets back to them once the minds again traces back to carnal desires. As of now senior heroine Trisha seems to be in that particular stage. In a recent tete-a-tete to media, Trisha’s aversion to do Bollywood movies seems to have different connotations.

The direct one is the time period one has to invest for a Bollywood movie is equal to the time period for making 2-3 South movies. The next one is time allotment for promotions. A Bollywood heroine has to provide 2-3 months of time for the film’s promotions. But in South, she can even complete shooting for a new project. Besides these explicit reasons, Trisha is hinting at another implicit reason.

When Trisha did ‘Katta Meeta’ with Akshay Kumar, she had problem to allot dates for promotions. Hence reportedly Khiladi Kumar went serious on her. This turned out to be a bitter experience for her. This might be the apparent reason for her ‘Vairagyam’ on Bollywood. Trisha is in good form in South at present. But once the offers decrease and if a Bollywood movie comes her way, would she stick to her dispassion to act in Hindi movies?