Reason Behind SSR's Low Key Oscar US TripSS Rajamouli has deeply immersed himself in the promotions of RRR in the U.S. to lobby the film at the Oscars. The other day he attended the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), where he expressed his surprise and happiness over the huge success of RRR with the western audience.

The RRR team is making sure that they do not reveal the exact location Rajamouli is going to make an appearance so that they can avoid the crowds. They know that if the Indian diaspora comes to know about Rajamouli‘s whereabouts, they will throng in thousands to come and see Rajamouli.

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If it was any other director, the team would deliberately publicize the location much in advance so that they could grab some attention from the local crowds. But in the case of Rajamouli, the team understands that revealing Rajamouli’s exact location of appearance might create security issues and a stampede; such is his stardom.

Variety magazine has already published its list of potential Oscar nominees in different categories, and RRR has featured in two of them.

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The magazine predicts that RRR might get nominated for the ‘Best International Feature Film’ along with director Santiago Mitre’s Argentina 1985, Lukas Dhont’s Close, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s Bardo, and Ali Abbassi’s Holy Spider.

In their latest edition, they have also predicted that RRR will be nominated for its song ‘Dosti’ in the Best Original Song category.

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