Reason Behind Ravi Teja's Attitude Change For DhamakaRavi Teja has been a bit reclusive when it comes to movie promotions. On top of that, if he has some problems with the makers or the crew, he just participates in the promotions as a formality. We have seen how Ravi Teja didn’t show much interest in the promotions of Khiladi or Ramarao On Duty.

But in the case of Dhamaka, there is a change in his attitude. He is been seen actively involved in the promotion of the film. Today a fans-meet was conducted as part of Dhamaka promotions and Ravi Teja patiently met all the fans and took pics with them and spread positive vibes about the film.

This shows that Ravi Teja is confident about the film, unlike his previous films. It also shows that Ravi Teja is satisfied with the director’s output.

This is a positive not only for Dhamaka but also for Waltair Veerayya which is releasing after three weeks of Dhamaka.