Reason Behind Ram Charan's Ayyappa DeekshaWe have been witnessing how Ram Charan ceremoniously takes up Ayyappa Deeksha every year and will be seen clad in the pious and simple black shirt and lungi all through 45 days of the Deeksha. Ram Charan calls it ‘spiritual living’ for 45 days.

According to the mega hero, this spiritual living is like a detox holiday for him to de-stress, take healthy and simple food and maintaining inner peace from his chaotic shooting schedules and uncertain mundane things. So, 45-days of this Deeksha gives him inner strength.

Ask him who inspired the mega hero to take up this Deeksha. The response is obvious. It’s none other than his father megastar Chiranjeevi. During the Deeksha, we have seen Charan attending the film-related events sporting the same black shirt and lungi without footwear. He does it so religiously, every year.