Hyper AadiBandla Ganesh is famous for his outrageous and over-the-top statements and Bhajana during movie events. Now, Hyper Aadi is also turning out to be a mini Bandla Ganesh.

During the pre-release event of Dhanush’s Sir, Hyper Aadi went full throttle and spoke very highly about Trivikram, who is also one of the producers of the film.

Hyper Aadi said, “Maatalaku Manishi Roopam Vasthe… Adi Maatlaade Modati Maata, Thank You Trivikram Ani!” His speech was filled with many such elevations for Trivikram and also his eternal favorite, Pawan Kalyan.

Usually, character artists are not given much footage to speak at such events. They usually finish their speech in less than one minute. But now Hyper Aadi is being given a lot of stage time and is also given a chance to even steal the limelight with his punches.

Makers know that such speeches, however silly they may sound, have a great reach and spread better on social media within a short span. This helps in creating more awareness about the film and aids in the film’s promotions.

So makers don’t mind people like Hyper Aadi taking center stage during such events as they prove beneficial to the film.